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Replace A/C Compressor

Everything you need to replace the A/C compressor.

This kit provides an easy solution if you are removing your A/C system. Same-length belt is used after conversion.

This kit can also be used as a field repair if your A/C compressor pulley seizes. A seized (non-spinning) A/C compressor pulley will quickly ruin the serpentine belt. Without the serpentine belt, the alternator, power steering, and water pump will not work.

Select the Vertical bolt orientation (picture above, $184.92) for:
  • 1996 diesel (with turbo)
  • 1997 through 2006 (all except Alpha)

    Select the Horizontal bolt orientation (picture above right, $109.51) for:
  • 1994
  • 1995 diesel (non-turbo)
  • 1996 diesel (non-turbo)

    Note: Horizontal Bolt Kit temporarily unavailable. Contact us for details.

    For use as a Field Repair Kit, order appropriate serpentine belt, below.

    Bolt Orientation: 

  • Serpentine Belt
    Serpentine Belt

    Factory Replacement Part


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