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Click to enlargeReplacement Brake Pads

Brake pads for your Hummer. 1 set contains 4 pads, enough for two brakes, front or rear.

"Used up" brake pads can ruin a rotor very quickly. Brake pads should be replaced when the pad thickness reaches 1/8" (about the thickness of 2 US pennies).

(Brand and Style may vary. Heavy Duty pads pictured. Manufacturer's warranty may not apply to trucks or off-road vehicles.)

Note: All brake pads on a vehicle should be of the same type: all Standard, all Heavy Duty, or all Hawke. Using different types of pads on the same truck may cause unsafe braking or handling problems. If you are changing from one type of pad to another, replace all pads at the same time (2 sets).


Brake Pad Replacement Tool Set
Brake Pad Replacement Tool Set

All the special tools required to change the Hummer brake pads.

Brake Service Parts Kit
Brake Service Parts Kit

Replacement Parts for Brake Pad Service.


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