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Click to enlargeDiesel Hummer Filter Kit

A BlueHummer Original

All the filters in one handy kit!

  • 4 Oil Filters
  • 2 Fuel Filters
  • 1 Transmission Filter
  • 1 Air Filter

    Everything you need for 1 year of regular maintenance.

    Filter brands, styles, and colors may vary.

    Note about transmission filters: There are three different transmission configurations for Hummers and HMMWVs. The 3-speed version is easy to identify by the shift indicator (no overdrive position). The two versions of the 4-speed transmission require slightly different filters, depending upon the pan configuration. The early 4-speed trucks had a flat-bottom pan with a side drain plug. The later 4-speed trucks had a faceted pan with a recessed drain plug. Use the pictures below to help with identification (click on pictures to enlarge).

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    Fuel Filter: 
    Air Filter: 

  • Air Filter, Diesel
    Air Filter, Diesel

    Paper Element Air Filter.


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