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Donations to support Hummer Network

Help support The Hummer Network

The Hummer Network is an excellent, free resource for the Hummer community and deserves our support. From the site:

"The Hummer Network is supported by advertising to some extent, but a lot of work goes into providing the number and variety of fine services offered by The Hummer Network. Voluntary donations are cheerfully accepted."

A link to this site can be found on my Links page. Please check it out.

Although I am a frequent contributor to the Hummer Network site, I am not affiliated with it in any other way. 100% of these donations go directly to support the Hummer Network.

If you choose to donate more than $5.00, you may order multiple "Donations": in the shopping cart, set the quantity to whatever you want.

Select "No Shipping Required" as the shipping type.


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