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The Fuel Solenoid Driver (also known as Pump Mounted Driver) is the brains behind the electronic fuel injector pump. When this driver fails, the truck will not operate, and no code or "check engine" light is displayed.

The driver is located on the driver's side of the injection pump, on top of the engine. The driver is cooled by fuel flowing through the pump.

Failure is usually heat-related, so will happen mostly after the engine is fully warmed up. Symptoms include rough running, stalling, and difficulty in restarting. Pouring cool (not cold) water over the driver may cool it enough to temporarily reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Be sure to check for stored codes before you replace the driver since these symptoms have other causes as well.

The driver requires a calibration resistor. This resistor matches the injector pump, not the driver. When you replace a driver, you should re-use the old resistor or obtain a same-numbered replacement resistor.

The resistor value is remembered by the engine computer. It is only re-read when the computer forgets the value. This may happen immediately, or not for several months.

The resistor is located inside the electrical connection on the driver.

Resistor number and location (click to enlarge):
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Resistors can be removed with small snap ring pliers by using the two small holes in the resistor circuit card.

Resistor Removal (click to enlarge):
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Order replacement resistors below.

Notes about driver relocation kits:

AMG strongly opposes mounting the driver anywhere except on the injector pump. They state that insufficient cooling caused by locating the driver elsewhere, even with large heat sinks and cooling fins, will significantly shorten the life of the new driver.

On the other hand, replacing the driver is not an easy field fix as the injector pump must be removed and re-timed when reinstalled. Using a remote mount kit with a heat sink makes an excellent temporary field repair.

Flight Systems FSD / PMD
Flight Systems FSD / PMD

Reliable Aftermarket Replacement.

FSD/PMD Relocation Kit
FSD/PMD Relocation Kit

For Easy Access & Better Cooling.

PMD/FSD Extension Cable
PMD/FSD Extension Cable

FSD Calibration Resistor
FSD Calibration Resistor

Match the FSD / PMD to the Injector Pump.

FSD/PMD & Relocation Kit
FSD/PMD & Relocation Kit

Convenient Ordering for a Complete Kit.


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