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Click to enlargeGas Hummer Filter Kit

A BlueHummer Original

All the filters in one handy kit!

  • 4 Oil Filters
  • 2 Fuel Filters
  • 1 Transmission Filter
  • 1 Pair of Air Filters

    Everything you need for 1 year of regular maintenance.

    Filter brands, styles, and colors may vary.

    Note about transmission filters: There are two different transmission configurations for gas-engine Hummers. The two versions require slightly different filters, depending upon the pan configuration. The early 4-speed trucks had a flat-bottom pan with a side drain plug. The later 4-speed trucks had a faceted pan with a recessed drain plug. Use the pictures below to help with identification (click on pictures to enlarge).

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    Note about fuel filters: There are three different fuel filters used in the gas Hummers. Visually check the connection type at each end of your filter and match it to the picture below. (Click on the picture to enlarge.) The filter is located near the transfer case, on the passenger's side of the truck. It is visible from under the Hummer.

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    Fuel Filter: 
    Fuel Filter Type: 
    Air Filter: 

  • Air Filter, Gas
    Air Filter, Gas

    Air Filter Set for Gas-engine Hummer.


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