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Click to enlargeLocking Halfshaft Bolt Kit

A BlueHummer Original

Secure your halfshafts!

Completely reusable. Never buy another halfshaft bolt.

No threadlocker or lock washer required. Bolts will not loosen or back out.

Kit contains enough parts for one halfshaft:
  • 6 Grade 12.9 Halfshaft Bolts
  • 6 Retaining Clips
  • 6 Locking Tabs
  • Illustrated Instructions
  • (plus one spare Retaining Clip)

    Download instructions below.

    Developed and manufactured exclusively for BlueHummer Outfitters by Stage 8 Locking Fasteners using their patented locking fastener technology.

    Works for all halfshafts, including the 12,100 GVWR version.


  • Instructions for Locking Halfshaft Bolt Kit

    Download Instructions in .PDF Format.

    Locking Halfshaft Bolt Spare Parts Kit
    Locking Halfshaft Bolt Spare Parts Kit

    Keep a Few Spares Handy.

    Halfshaft Bolt Set
    Halfshaft Bolt Set

    Set of 6 Halfshaft Bolts & Lock Washers.


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