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Click to enlargeLocking Spindle Nut Kit

Simple and Reliable Installation

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Simple 4-piece kit.

Developed and manufactured exclusively for BlueHummer Outfitters by Stage 8 Locking Fasteners using their patented locking fastener technology. Guaranteed not to come loose.

Completely reusable. No thread locker required.

Simple 4-step installation. Click on pictures below to enlarge.

Step 1: Install Notched Washer
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Step 2: Install and tighten Grooved Spindle Nut per AMG instructions. (1-3/4" socket required.)
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Step 3: Install Locking Retainer. One of 6 possible positions will securely engage the Notched Washer.
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Step 4: Install Snap Ring. (Large snap ring pliers required.)
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