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Easy On-vehicle Service

Note: Upgraded version of this tool set now available on the NEW web site: http://www.bluehummer.net

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This tool set is designed to easily remove and install the spindle extension. This work can be performed without removing the spindle from the geared hub.

This set also includes a driver to install the CTIS Spindle Seal into the steering arm cover.

Common hardware is needed to operate the spindle installation tool. See the hardware kit below.

Kit includes:
  • Spindle Extension Extraction Tool
  • Spindle Extension Insertion Tool
  • CTIS Spindle Seal Installation Tool
  • Illustrated instructions

    Note: These tools are individually hand-built. Style, color, material, and finish may vary.


  • Spindle Extension Tool Hardware Kit
    Spindle Extension Tool Hardware Kit

    Installer Hardware Kit

    CTIS Spindle Extension
    CTIS Spindle Extension

    CTIS Hub Seals
    CTIS Hub Seals

    CTIS Spindle Seal.


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