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Upper shock absorber mounting bolt with conventional hex head. Uses 1-1/2" socket or wrench, same size as the nut. Re-use your current washer and nut, or order new replacements below. Bolt is same size and strength as the stock bolt. Use blue thread locker and 300 lb-ft of torque.

Not just a shorter bolt! The unthreaded section of this bolt is important for properly securing the shock absorber.

Not suitable for use as lower shock mounting bolt.

Tip for removing lower shock bolt: Once shock and bracket are removed, clamp head of lower bolt in a bench vise. Normal tools, including impact wrench, can then be used.

Price is for one bolt only. 4 required per vehicle.


OEM Shock Bolt
OEM Shock Bolt

Factory Original Bolt.

Shock Mounting Washer & Nut
Shock Mounting Washer & Nut

OEM Washer and Nut.


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